Exhibiting “Others”

08 Feb

In class Thursday, February 7, we mostly discussed the two films we have seen, as well as parts of Torgovnick, chapters 2 and 7.

We decided to make the writing assignment (on the films/Torgovnick) due Tuesday instead of today, so that everyone can see the films. They are still on 2 hour reserve at the library. Monday at 3 I will change the loan period to overnight, so that people who want to study the films for future projects can take them home.

Tuesday in class we will share and compare ideas generated from our writing. We will also begin our discussion of Heart of Darkness. There is no specific number of pages to read for Tuesday – just start, and keep in mind that you are to be finished at the very latest by the following Tuesday, so pace yourself.

The study question for Tuesday is: how is the jungle represented in this novel? In what terms is it described? (Cite specific examples.) We will begin our discussion there, and continue by considering the novel in relation to Torgovnick’s seventh chaper, on HD.

Our discussion continues Thursday the 14th of February, which is also the date of Megan’s presentation on Apocalypse Now and other film related to HD. How does HD represent the Western self and exhibit the non-Western “other”? will be a key question for us on those days.

A journal entry related to these two study questions will be due Tuesday, February 19th, when we will wrap up our discussion of HD and transition into Facundo. Thursday, February 21, we will discuss Facundo and Stana will give her presentation on Tarzan.

Here is lagniappe on the question of exotic “others” and the way the Western “gaze” sexualizes the primitive and associates it with the feminine, the nonwhite, the body (often divorced from mind and soul): information on the Hottentot Venus.

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