Jungle Feminism

28 Apr

We were talking about the voyage to the jungle as a masculine identity quest and now, it appears, someone has written about it as a feminIST one. I know about this from reading blogs, so excuse the informality of the writing in these posts – the material is interesting. The book in question is by Amanda Marcotte and it is a guide for women on how to survive the “jungle” of patriarchy. Except that all the women are white and all the scary, oppressive men are Black.

On this check out the images at:
The Field Negro, Black Male Savages
Holly at Feministe, I Guess It’s a Jungle In Here, Too
Jill at Feministe, On Those Pictures and on Privilege.

There is probably more on this book, and more of it available to read even without lighting out for Barnes & Noble.

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  1. May

    January 8, 2009 at 12:03 pm

    Alicia Steimberg wrote a novel called La selva (the rainforest) in 2000 in which the female protagonist finds spiritual renewal in a clinic in the Brazilian rainforest after having been mentally and physically abused by her drug-addicted son.


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