On the Machiguenga

30 Mar

Academic article in online literary review from the University of Madrid, that talks about Carpentier, Arguedas and Vargas Llosa and elucidates some Machiguenga history – interesting (we find out about Tasurinchi and some reasons for walking)

From the NGO Shinai, in defense of the Amazon, brief cultural and political information on the Machiguenga

Dos Mitos Machiguengas – Gerhard Baer – 2001 academic paper

Interesting information in Spanish from Perú Ecológico

Machiguengas participating in the Amazon area general strike (2009)

Machiguenga glossed text by Betty Snell – Summer Linguistics Institute, 1976

Noches, cosmos. Claroscuros entre los Matsigenka
– Esteban Gabriel Arias Urízar – academic paper citing Baer and also Betty Snell (“Mrs. Schniel”)

Terry, video on 2007 cultural and political situation of Machiguengas. Very interesting (Spanish only). Part 2Part 3Part 4

Video of Machiguenga territory with English subtitles, from “Millenial Peru.”  Interesting

Video of representatives of native groups in the area where the Machiguenga also live, speaking at a 2009 hearing against Hunt Oil

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