Adaptaciones de Doña Bárbara
Clip – película con María Félix (ícono del cine mexicano), 1948 – en el que le dice D. B. a Santos Luzardo, “asco de hombre”
Part 1 (of 14) of this 1948 version – all 14 parts are on YouTube – no subtitles
Trailer for the 1998 film version by Betty Kaplan – where Santos Luzardo is played by Jorge Perugorría (a notable Cuban actor). This version can be rented online fíor 7 days, from Amazon, for $3.99 – no subtitles
Chapter 1, Part 1 (of very many) of the 2008 telenovela interesting but significantly tackier than the films – where D. B. is played by Edith González (a notable Mexican tv actress) – no subtitles
There were telenovela versions in 1975 (Radio Caracas tv) and 1967-68 (Venevisión)

Doris Sommer, “Populism’s Revised Romance: La vorágine and Doña Bárbara,” in her Foundational Fictions: The National Romances of Latin America (English)


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